From Clausthal into the world, and back again:
with our students excursions and trips you will have fun and get far around

From the lecture hall into the factory floor: We offer practical insights into the industry

If you’re interested in seeing how your studies are applied in practice, don’t miss our excursions and student-trips with help of our good alumni network! With the mediation and support of our alumni, we regularly visit exciting industrial companies and strategic projects in Germany to provide close relationship with the practical application of studies content and R&D.

Our fraternities members will share their experiences and you can ask questions that are on your mind. In this way, practice comes to theory and you are optimally prepared for your future career.

Goodbye learning stress: We also do cultural expeditions and adventure trips

We offer you not only practical insights into business and industry, but also culturally challenging trips and adventure tours in Germany. Because we believe that you can learn not only successful in the university lecture or at work alone, but also by experiencing culture, fun and adventure.

How about, for example, a joint visit to a museum or an art exhibition? Here you will sharpen all your senses and you will gain with us new impressions. Or we can leave our comfort zone together and go beyond our limits on an adventure trip, such as a deep-sea sailing trip or a climbing tour.

Our culturally challenging trips and adventure tours offer excellent opportunities to gain new perspectives and clear your head for a change. You can also get to know your fellow students more deeper and built up intensive friendships.

So, if you’re motivated for culture or adventure, you’ve come to the right place too. Be inspired by our extraordinary annual program!