United in friendship.
Hic amicitia!

Are you looking for a academic community that will accompany you throughout the rest of your whole lifetime? Then you’ve found her the right place! We are a students fraternity at the Clausthal University of Technology and are offering a strong community in Clausthal as well as a strong alumni network fitting close together. We try to open up the world together.

What what sets us apart and makes us different? Here are some facts:

We are all about friendship, social competences, christian values and close commitments. We are a fraternity of academics and we operate and party in friendship connected across all borders. Our christian values and the free democratic basic order are in the foreground. We want to make the world a little better and show through our commitment that we take responsibility. Become part of our fraterity and experience how friendship and competence combined to create a unique experience.
By the way, our students fraternity is not alone in Clausthal. We are one of the largest students and alumni associations of academics in Germany in the CV and KV with about 30,000 members. CV- and KV-fraternities are located in over 250 other cities and university sites in Germany. This way you will find a modern community that suits you everywhere. And best of all: we are non-beating mensurations! Our strength is the word!

So, if you want to become part of our fraternities community, have much of fun with us and show social commitment too, don’t hesitate and join us. We are looking forward to see you!

Photos: Tu Clausthal, © TU Clausthal
others © AV Glückauf-Salia

Photos: Tu Clausthal, © TU Clausthal
others © AV Glückauf-Salia

Our added values and benefits:
What advantages do we offer?

As a Clausthal student fraternity, we offer numerous benefits and services for our members.
Here you can find out what you can expect from us.

Orientation in studies:
Even after 6 pm

Our aim is to enable our members to study successfully. We support you not only during the official study period, but also afterwards. Our experienced members and mentors are there to help and advise you.

Social and community engagement: Our responsibility to society

It is important to us to assume our responsibility for society and to be socially and civically engaged. Whether through fundraising, volunteering or projects in the region – with us you have the opportunity to support a good cause.

Parties, partners and friends for life: Community that connects

Our bond is not only a place of learning, but also of community. With us you will have the chance to make new friends. Our members are mixed and from all parts of the world, so you can always meet interesting people.

Coaching and sponsorships: support in difficult situations

Our experienced fraternity members offer you a godparenthood. Here you can look forward to trustful conversations and individual consultancy. With us you will also find and give support in difficult situations, because we stand up for each other and help each other.

Unique living environment: feel-good ambience for beginners

The next gen students housing in Altenauer Straße offers a unique learning and living environment for our members and very personal support for first-year students. Here you can feel at home and enjoy your new time at university.

Top-in-the-job members:
Sharing knowledge and experience

Our members have already successfully managed the begin of their careers and the mid-aged members contribute their experience and knowledge to all of us. Here you will learn from senior experts and may can benefit from tips and tricks of your fellow students.

Attractive range of events: celebrations, networking and much more fun

It´s never getting boring with us! We offer a wide range of events: From parties and traditional cultural nights to lectures, excursions and sports activities. This way you can not only meet new people, but also live out your interests.

Active trips: leave Clausthal and explore the rest of Germany due to our network.

We regularly offer student excursions where we explore the country and its people together and get to know many companies. Here you have the chance to push your skills and degree forward and have fun at the same time.

Most beautiful private event hall and an exclusive social floor: A special highlight in Clausthal

Our ballroom is one of the most beautiful and exclusive in Clausthal. This is where our receptions take place and where you can plan your own events and impress your guests. If you want something more prestigious, we can help you with decoration, music and lighting so that your event meets the highest standards.

Stronger together: discover our connection and what makes it tick!

The fir tree stands for constancy and loyalty.

Firs can live up to 600 years and embody themes of renewal, rebirth and eternal life through their longevity and evergreen nature.

The two gears stands for the art of engineering and for friendship and harmonic drive.

The principle of power transmission through toothed gears has been used by generations since ancient times. However, two interlocking gears are more rare. This is where the common mission and our lifelong friendship network is coming coming into the game.

The owl on the book is a symbol of prudence and wisdom, as a night owl it sees light even in the darkness.

Since antiquity, the owl has been used to represent “science”. In modern times, the association of the owl with intellectuality and rationality predominates.

Hammer and pick in the crossed form are providing luck in mining.

The hammer and pick symbol expresses our close relationship with mining tradition at the TU Clausthal. It depicts the two crossed miner’s tools, the hammer and the pick, which were the miner’s basic instruments in historical mining.