Shared christian values:
Wissenschaft, Freundschaft und Überzeugung verbinden uns

In our association we unite friendship, science, christianity and commitment. We want to offer our members a lively community that accompanies them throughout their lives. In doing so, we rely on an open culture of discussion in which everyone is free to express his or her opinion.


Friendship has been the fundament of our fraternity since over 100 years. A lifetime, because studying at Clausthal is only the beginning. Our community goes far beyond the boundaries of one study duration alone. We are a vibrant, diverse group of fellow students who cares for each other and celebrate together. We have made the experience that cohesion and friendship can last even over distances and times. We keep in touch with our members around the world and visit each other regularly. We know that friendship is an important cornerstone for a happy life and are therefore committed to a vibrant community.


Study content is not everything! In addition to professional knowledge, we attach great importance to social skills, which are important for better cooperation. We want to support our members in buliding up own networks and shaping science actively. In our fraternity we practice our own teamwork and also have a portion of patience and fun. We see ourselves as part of a large community of academics and want to use and share our knowledge and our skills in a meaningful way to make the world a little bit better. To this end, we offer our members various seminars and workshops that support them in their personal and professional development.


We are Christians and want to missionar our values and convictions into the world. Our aim is not to convince others of our religion, but to bring more humanity into the world. With 30,000 members, our CV- and KV-network are the largest academic associations committed to Christian values. We see ourselves as part of this community and want to actively contribute. In our association we regularly offer events that deal with questions of faith and ethics. Our main aim is to promote a culture of open discussion and to cross-fertilise each other.


The commitment of all of us to the free democratic basic order is very important to us. We want to take responsibility and actively work for a good coexistence. Our aim is not to preach political convictions, but to raise awareness of the importance of getting involved politically, socially or civically. We want to give our members the opportunity to actively participate in society and take on responsibility. In our association, we therefore advocate a living democracy and promote the open exchange of opinions and ideas.

We are not alone:
Two lagre roof organizations offer you nationwide contacts

The Academic Fraternity Glückauf-Salia is a member of the two major roof organizations, the KV and the CV. There you will find nationwide support for your student and professional concerns, for example, finding an internship or new connections after a change of residence.

The Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen (CV) is the roof organization of over 125 fraternities in Germany as well as fraternities in Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, Japan, Cameroon and Switzerland.

With around 28,000 members, the CV is by far the largest denominational academic association in Europe. In addition to around 4,000 students from all disciplines, its members include numerous specialists and executives as well as decision-makers from business, science, the church and politics.

The Kartellverband katholischer deutscher Studentenvereinigungen (KV) was founded over 150 years ago and has had an eventful history since then. During the Nazi era, the association was banned by the Nazis, but the KVers did not let it get them down and continued to fight for their convictions. They are still active today and have played a decisive role in shaping the state and church in Germany.

The association’s committees are organized in such a way that everyone can have a say and help shape things – this is very important, because all members should feel comfortable and be able to contribute their ideas.