From studying to professional working life:
We are there for each other

From studying to joining later professional working life very successful:
We are there for each other

Visit one of our famed and legendary parties:
What actually represents a student fraternity?

Sounds kind of like a students club, doesn’t it? Yes, our students fraterity is called “Akademische Verbindung Glückauf-Salia” and is an unincorporated association. There are two group of members: the “Aktivitas”, which are the young students who are currently immatriculated at the TU Clausthal, and the “Alte Herren”, also called GlC! alumni, who have already finished their studies and are in a professional career or retired. But don’t worry, the alumnis are called “Alte Herren”, even if they are still young with a fresh bachelor or master deree in the pocket.

who governs the association?
The executive board in focus.

Each member groups has its own board. The students leads them own and the alumnis have an own executive board. Bothe are working hand in hand. The Aktivitas names it “Chargenkabinett” and the Alte Herren names the executives “Altherrenvorstand”. Important decisions are made jointly, of course.

Only for boys:
Who is the owner of the students fraternity?

All the members are in sum the owners As an unregistered association, the Glückauf-Salia connection has no large assets of its own, except for a little money in the pocket for current actions.

Living in the shared flat appartments:
Who is the landlord?

The next gen students houses belong to an third association so called “Heimverein Glückauf-Salia e.V.”. All our alumnis are here a member. The association is registered and a non-profit oriented association. Its purpose is “funding for students purposes.” with this goal, it maintains next generation students housings and rents the shared flat appartments at very reasonable and attractive prices. The income of the association from membership fees, donations and the rental fees is used exclusively for this charitable purpose.

Other parties involved:
Is anybody else standing behind the students fraternity?

No, only all of our members but no other third parties are involved. No governmental agencies, no religious groups and no other associations. It’s all about the members.

Save your housing budget as a student:
Whats about the cost of a membership?

Membership is free of charge for students. But there are little costs for each semesters for certain action like shared lunches, common parties, travel actions or low fares for CV and KV membership. For orientation around 1 € per day. It is depending from democratic decisions of the members. Drinks are not included….

Don’t worry about the move in:
What happens if you change the university after a short duration?

Therefore, it is natural for most of our members to seek contact with the local KV or CV when they move to a new university-location or later enter a professional life in another place. Our KV- and CV-network is offering the same format as ours in even every major university cities in Germany. Therefore, it is natural for most of our members to seek contact with the local KV or CV when they move to a new university city or later enter professional life in an unknown town. Unbeleavable many opportunities are offered to our members: for example with searchin an internship with help of the alumnis and approximately 250 local associations throughout Germany. You can find out more about the KV and CV network here!

Move in into one of our flat shared appartments:
Can you rent an appartment without being a member?

Of course! The appartments “in the house” are open for all students of the TU Clausthal. Our rental-fee depends from the sizes of the room. But in any case it will be more attractive than in a public students housing or in a private owned appartment. You can also use all the common rooms and the property with IT, bar, social floor, garden and parking.

From student to alumnus:
What you need to know about membership after your degree

When you are degreed with your studies and have found an adequate profession, you will apply to become an Alumnus and to stay for the rest of the lifetime as a full member of our fraternity.

Membership for a whole life:
How expensive is it to be an alumnus?

For the membership of the alumnis an annual fee of about low hundred euros per year will be charged. The money is mainly used for events of the fraternity, contributions to the CV and KV and less administrative expenses.